What is MYtag?

It is my belief and experience that some young people don’t always know how to develop tangible goals, they have dreams and aspirations. Some have drive and determination to ‘do something about it!’ others struggle through not really knowing what to do next and how to do it.

My inspiration comes from having 2 teenage daughters and talking to many young people and organisations which employ or come into regular contact with them. Confusion reigns as to how they look at and achieve what seems to be the unachievable. But with guidance and asking the right questions which allow the individual to explore what actually they want to achieve it can be all so much clearer.

The MYtag itself is a leather bracelet, it’s yours hence MY and the TAG comes from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). A tag or anchor is “A cue or trigger that elicits a response, similar to the stimulus-response of classical conditioning”. So once the goal is formulated then MYtag is a constant reminder of why and what the individual is striving for.

The book is written in such a way as to elicit individual responses, having the person think of how to make a difference now and in the future, it is not written in NLP or management terms it is simple, easy to follow with one view in mind to look at the future and achieve.

I have primarily designed the product to be aimed at 18 – 25 year old market. It would benefit students in higher education, apprentices. In fact it will aid and assist anyone who is or has struggled with understanding or achieving their own or team goals adding generic value to training of any kind.

It will be available in two forms, to be delivered in a workshop environment to a group of people and to purchase on the internet over a web-site.

The product includes the book, your MYtag and 3 MYmail’s  per module which will help the purchaser throughout their journey, offering essential support and reducing that feeling which we all have at times of “I’m alone, what now!”

In short the first book in the MYtag range is designed in four modules:

Your Dream, Your Vision, Your Goal – Make your dreams or visions become your goal. Goal setting to accomplish things your way.

Exploring Your Reality and Unlocking Your Options – Helps you explore your reality and ways to unlock options you may not know you had.

Your Will the Way Forward – Looking at your Motivation to achieve, what’s required and what’s not .

Values & Beliefs ‘A Deeper Understanding’ – This is an exploration of how to understand and interpret your own values and beliefs, what they mean and how they shape you.  The realities you face and how some are miss founded and how to break some of those bad habits.

It follows a basic but highly effective coaching acronym, the T-GROW model. Where the individual explores their dream, vision or Topic and creates a Goal. They explore their Reality and look at the Options they have, finally they look at their own Will or Way forward.

If they become stuck or confused then the addition of MYmail’s will allow them to contact a coach and have the support to continue forward.

The feedback I am receiving from the initial copies is great. Max is a young apprentice here in the North East:

The Mytag book uses various different techniques and ideas to lay out your future and your goals. The book is very motivational and gives a clear structure to reaching targets and includes many helpful methods that can be used. Mytag contains a number of great activities that can be used to make achievement clearer and more reachable. The format of the book is extremely well presented as it stands out from other kinds of books. It is very colourful which matches up with its aim of making peoples future bright. The wrist band attached to the back of the book is also a great idea as it is something they can keep with them as a small reminder of their goals ahead”.

Excited and looking forward to launching it fully soon.

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