Proform uses professional business assessment and coaching to help UK and worldwide organisations and the individuals within them to improve performance and reach their full potential.

We enable businesses and organisations to develop their staff, teams, leadership and structure in order to achieve the best results from time, money and the most valuable resource – people.

Our bespoke services are designed specifically for your business in order to improve performance now and long into the future.

Be Inspired.

To motivate others you have to be inspired. We improve individual performance by listening to people, finding out what ‘interference’ is blocking their path. Give them the inspiration, confidence, knowledge and pathways to negotiate around, through or over any obstacles to reach their full potential.

Be Involved.

To be involved in a great team is one of the best feelings we as individuals can have and share. Team development requires individual team members to grow and develop, as an individual’s personal growth unfolds, so too does their capacity to participate, thrive and flourish in group situations. We involve, listen and allow individuals and teams to become aware of the impact they have on each other and the team has on the business.

Be Evolved.

We all develop at different rates. We offer coaching solutions which act as a catalyst for rapid growth and results. We help develop the soft skills of personality and character that shape relationships with other’s to complement the hard skills of technical knowledge and requirements of the job or role.

We have worked with leading companies including…



They observed and made adjustments and immediately the amount of waste dropped by 0.1%. The experts stated that this was the best they could offer without compromising quality.

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Paul Adams-General Manager

David's input helped to develop Steve, enabled him to more effectively carry out the task whilst involving and considering the effect on all stakeholders, and do so in a structured manner.

Angela Anderson-Managing Director

David's personal qualities - being an excellent listener, empathic, approachable and a tough questioner (when required) - make him very easy to strike up a relationship with. He is very honest and direct and inspires trust.

Jo Lupton-HR & Administration Manager

To have external support coaching and guiding this process most certainly brings about clarity and has significant motivational impact on team members to strive for achieving results.

Andrew Summerbell-District Commander Cleveland Police

The police have delivered Professional Development Days for a number of years but this year we wanted something different from the norm; something more inspiring and innovative.

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